Group Leader Guidance




  1. Plan the route carefully to take into account the ability of the people within the group and check the route beforehand if possible to avoid getting lost.
  2. Inform at least one other Group Leader of the route you are following.
  3. Sign-in Members and Guests using the “Sign-in Sheet” provided by the Membership Secretary and count the number in the group and regularly check numbers during the run.
  4. Look out for the well-being of your group members; especially new members. Ensure you have at least one person leading and use a good runner to monitor the group and/or stay with the slowest runner.
  5. Ensure that at least one runner has a mobile phone with them and that it is switched on!
  6. Ensure that if your group splits into smaller groups you designate a suitable person to be the Group Leader of any smaller group and make sure that that person is aware of their responsibility to meet you at the base to confirm to you that all of the members of his/her Group arrived back safely. Also ensure that at least one person in such break away group has a mobile phone with them.
  7. Ensure that if it is decided that any group member should break off from the rest of the Group early due to injury, illness or fatigue at least two other runners should accompany that person so that if he/she gets into difficulty one person can stay with the casualty and the other can go for help.
  8. Count the number of runners in the group at the end of the run and report any missing runners
  9. Return your “Sign-in Sheet” and any Guest Membership Form to the Membership Secretary (currently Zodwa). Please Note: Members information is Strictly Confidential and must not be circulated or shared unless the Health and Safety of a Member is at risk.
  10. Report any accidents, near misses or concerns to the Health and Welfare Officer, Christine Hart-Burke as soon as possible after the run.

Never leave a group member behind no matter what their reason is; for example, they think they are holding up the rest of the group. By adhering to the above guidance and looking out for one another we can ensure that the Club’s responsibility to its Members and our responsibilities to each other are met.