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Try before you buy! You are welcome to come and try the club three times before we ask you to join – if you’d like to try the club first please print and bring our guest form to any club run.

Membership year runs from 1st April until 31st March inclusive each year. Purbeck Runners are an affiliated running club with England Athletics.


2019 Memberships Prices as follows:

Senior Membership – 12 months – £36 (includes EA registration fee)

Senior Membership – 6 months – £26 (includes EA registration fee)

Second Claim Senior Membership – £21

16-21 Membership – 12 months – £26 (includes EA registration fee)

16-21 Membership – 6 months – £21 (includes EA registration fee)

Social Membership – £21

If you’re ready to join, please complete the form below to join Purbeck Runners.

Once processed, you will receive an invoice from England Athletics to complete your membership payment.


Purbeck Runners are very keen to welcome new faces to our club.

We cater for a wide range of abilities from socially paced to speedy! However, we are currently unable to take beginner runners. There is a beginners running course that takes place 2-3 times a year that will get you running up to 5k. From there we could help get you up to 4 miles so that you are able to join one of our regular groups. If you would like more information on the beginner courses, or general help with getting started with your running please contact Paula at

For runners that are able to already run 4 miles as a minimum we meet every Wednesday evening at Beach Gardens for announcements and a massed warm-up. See the Wednesday evening groups page for more info.

On arrival please ask for Paula Lawton-Archer (Seniors’ Coach) who will point you to the right group. All of our group leaders are experienced runners and many have completed the England Athletics’ Leadership in Running Fitness qualification. Nobody ever gets left behind in our groups, and all are well looked after.

Please bring along a filled in Guest Form with you to give to Paula.

Don’t forget if you are new to running, please feel free to contact Paula for advice on how we can help to get you started. You are most welcome to get in touch via our contact page or email Paula directly (as above).

We very much look forward to meeting you soon!


First and foremost, we want all our members enjoy running with Purbeck Runners. No one particularly likes rules and regulations but, for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, we would like you to take the time to read these guidelines. Remember, as a Club, we are all responsible for each other’s safety and by following these guidelines we can go a long way to prevent things going wrong.

Before A Run
Please ensure that you:

1. Arrive in plenty time for the run. This will ensure you are able to find a suitable group to run with and have plenty of time to warm up prior to your run. If you have not run before with Purbeck Runners before it is essential that you arrive by 7pm if on a Wednesday evening.

2. Are physically fit to participate in the Club activity. Should you feel unwell or be injured please check with your GP before taking part especially if are returning to running after an injury, childbirth or have had a long break from running.

3. Let the group leader know of any possible difficulties or problems before setting off: Take your ‘reliever inhaler’ with you if you are asthmatic or any other emergency medication you may require.

4. Wear suitable clothing and the correct footwear for your run. Particularly in winter, please remember you may have to stop to re-group and may get cold.

5. On dark, evening runs please wear some form of High Visibility/Fluorescent clothing.

6. Take adequate amounts of fluids leading up to a run. If the run is over 30 minutes it is sensible to carry a running bottle to replace lost fluids. This is especially important in the summer months.

7. Choose a group that suits your running ability. See the Club Coach for help/advice with this. When choosing your group consider carefully both the pace of the group and the distance they will be running. This will ensure that you and your fellow group members get the best possible run. Please be realistic when selecting a group and remember you will be expected to stay with the group for the entire distance of the run. If you have any queries please ask one of the Group Leaders at the start of the session.

8. Warm up at the start of the run to prevent injuries. A massed warm up is usually available and you are strongly encouraged to join in with this when available. Each group will run slower than their target pace for the first five to ten minutes of the run.

During your Run
The Club encourages group running and does not endorse individual runners being left behind. The group should always run at the pace of the slowest runner and should not try to increase that pace through running ahead or placing pressure on an individual runner. Looping back systems are encouraged to allow the group leader to ensure a mixed ability group of runners stay together. If for any reason you need to leave the group or end your run early, please ensure that you inform the group leader first so that a search party is not sent out for you!

Please ensure that you:

1. Consider the abilities of other people in your group: don’t push the pace of that group beyond the maximum pace advertised.

2. Be aware of potential hazards: cars; dogs; horses and stay alert of other road/trail users.

3. Maintain a complete chain of communication between the last runner and the first runner throughout the run.

4. Maintain visual contact with the runner immediately behind you and in front of you. Should you lose visual contact communicate this immediately along the chain to ensure that the whole group stops in order to re-group.

5. Report any injury or feeling of being unwell to a fellow runner. They should then pass it along the chain to the group leader. If someone is injured or unwell it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they receive prompt help and support from other members of the group.

6. Shout out oncoming obstacles, obstructions or dangerous situations. If you have to run out of the way of a hole, branch etc., or a car is approaching, shout out a warning.

7. Carry some form of identification e.g. your name on a running bottle; belt, shoelace or ID band. Guest runners should complete a Guest Members Information Form and this must be given to the Group Leader before the run.

8. Run on public footpaths; pavements and over areas that are open to the public (unless you have prior permission to do otherwise).

9. If you have to run in the road try to keep to the right hand side unless it is safer to run on the left (for example on a bend in the road) Keep to single file or 2 abreast and always look out for your own safety as well as your fellow runners. At night the lead runner and back marker must be wearing reflective, fluorescent clothing.

10. Re-group at regular intervals: this allows runners to catch their breath, report any issues they may have and stops the group from spreading out too much.

End of your Run

Please ensure you:

1. Cool down and stretch – one of the easiest ways to avoid injury is to stretch after your run and the best way to do this is as a group!

Purbeck Runners Committee

Safety Guidelines for Runners

Official Club Runs Guidance

All runners who have paid subscriptions to a club or organisation affiliated to UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics, are automatically provided with insurance cover which applies while you are involved in “athletics activities.” This not only relates to training and competing, but also club / region administrative meetings as well as when part of a team representing UKA, England Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland, or Welsh Athletics. There is no age limit applied to the cover.
However, there is no cover provided when athletes are training independently of their club (e.g. out for a run at night on their own causing injury to a member of the public).

Runs that have been posted up on the Purbeck Runner’s website/forum and are carried out following PR guidance (see below) are deemed to be official club runs. Runs that have been organised outside of club and not posted on the website/forum are deemed to be unofficial and therefore will not be covered by the club insurance.

Guidance for official runs – daylight/street light runs

  • Group leaders must assess the run for risks and be able to provide a written risk assessment if required, following an accident or incident
  • Group leaders must carry out a head count prior to their run and on their return
  • Where at all possible a first aid kit should be carried and a charged up mobile phone
  • Where possible, a list of emergency contacts for participants should be carried
  • Group leaders should try and ensure that their group keep to one side, if running on a road is necessary, and encourage single file when possible
  • Group leaders should encourage their group to shout back warnings of any hazards they come across
  • No member of the group should be left behind. The group should use loop back systems or regular regrouping where needed to keep the group together
  • All group members should be strongly encouraged to wear clothing that is reflective and high visibility if running in the dark

Guidance for official runs – torchlight runs

  • Where possible a LIRF trained leader should be present (this is best practice but if the leader is experienced and competent to lead a head torch run, not essential)
  • The group leader must carry out a risk assessment, and be able to provide a written copy of this if required
  • A first aid kit which includes a foil blanket must be carried at all times
  • A fully charged mobile phone must be carried by at least one member of the group, more than one if possible
  • The group leader should carry out a head count prior to the run and at regular intervals during the run – including on their return
  • Where possible, a list of emergency contacts for participants should be carried
  • It is advisable to nominate a back marker, to ensure that nobody gets left behind and any member struggling will be easily identified
  • All participants must be in possession of a fully charged headtorch or hand held torch
  • The group leader should publicise their intended route prior to the run

Official Club Runs Guidance

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