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Website Help

This page contains help contacts and videos with instructions to help you make the most of the membership section of the website. Below are two main contacts if you have any problems with the site. You can sent them a message via their profile pages. You need to be logged in to see most of the information on this page.

The first point of contact if you have any problems, is Guy Hammersly. Guy is a member of the club and has volunteered to be the website coordinator.

If you think something is broken / isn’t working as it should, contact Richard Keenan. Richard made the website and will fix anything if it breaks 🙂

1: Site Overview and logging in
2: Change your profile page images / info
3: Membership section overview
4: Groups and notifications
5: Writing posts and searching the site
6: NEW FEATURE: Saving posts

Problems Logging in?

If you are having problems logging in and you know you are entering the correct username and password, it is most likely that your web browser has stored an old version of the password and when you enter you current, valid password, your browser autocompletes the box with the old password. Because the box tends to have the password hidden you don’t realise that the browser is autocompleting the wrong password.

The easiest way to check is to try logging in, either in a different browser than you one you normally use, or by using a private or incognito browser window, which doesn’t have any of your previously used passwords stored. Below are a examples of how to open a private or incognito browser window. This can be useful if any website you are on is not behaving as you think it should.

You can also clear your browser cache and there is an detailed explanation of what this means and how to do it, on this website (opens in a new window).

To open a browser window that hasn’t got any of your details stored, it usually involves going to the file menu, then you have the browser open, and selecting open new private / incognito browser window. Common browsers are Google Chrome, Safari (Mac), Firefox, Internet Explorer & Edge (PCs). Later versions of the iPad and iPhone also have the option. A few examples of where to look are shown below.