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On Wednesday evenings we meet at Beach Gardens Pavillon at 7pm for 7.05pm Announcements followed by a  mass 'warm-up' at 7.10pm.

At 6.30 there is an optional FUNdamentals session available free to all members, which is a half hour class working on the fundamental skills required for running. We work on ABCs (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) and often drills. It's a great extension to your warm up as well as developing and practicing running  skills and technique.

If you need to use foam rollers before your run, you can also do this during the FUNdamentals session.
Please check the member section of the website for any changes or updates to session times.

We have a number of different groups available to suit all abilities. You are free to dip in and out of the groups as necessary, for example if you are recovering from a race or perhaps injury you may need to drop down from your usual group for an easier run.

If it is your first time at the club, and you are unsure which group to run in I would recommend that you start in a group that you could comfortably run in and work your way up.

If you are in any doubt or need more information then please come and speak to me and I will assist you with finding the right group.

Please allow plenty of time for this if it's your first time.

Paula Lawton-Archer
Club Runs Coordinator & Senior Coach

Beginners Group

This group is put together as and when needed and run by volunteers within the club on a rota basis. The group consists of a leader and backmarker each week – so nobody needs to worry about getting left behind.

If it is your first time coming to Purbeck Runners and you are new to running, please contact the club ahead of time if at all possible so we can plan for someone to run with you.

Social Group

Currently led by Christine when there is a need. This group is ideal for those wanting a ‘no pressure’ run or perhaps returning from injury. Enjoyment is the main focus here. The group runs at a very steady pace depending on the needs of the group on any particular week.

Intermediate 75

(approx 1 hr 15 10K pace) - Currently led by Trudy. This group generally train at between 12 and 13mpm. Regrouping and looping back ensure the group keeps together and allows the stronger runners to push on a little quicker.

Intermediate 65

(approx 65min 10k pace) - Currently led by Sarah or Rab. Training runs at between 10 and 11 mpm. Regrouping and looping back are regularly used and on occasions elements of training are incorporated.

Intermediate 55

(approx 55 min 10k pace) – Currently led by Tish or Abi
Training runs between 9 and 10 mpm. Regrouping/ looping when necessary.

Intermediate 50

(approx 50 min 10k pace) - currently led by either Tracey or Barbara. This group vary their sessions - sometimes road/trail runs, sometimes training session.

Intermediate 45

(approx 10k pace ) – Currently led by Hamish. Training between 45 and 50 mpm.This group has a strong training focus which can include hill/speed work.

Advanced Group – Currently led by Ross
Training runs between 6 and 7 mpm and regularly includes a strong training element.

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